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Portrait of Katharina Hermann

Katharina Hermann

UX Unicorn | u•ni•corn - yõonə,korn |

Hi there! I’m Katharina (she/her) and right now I’m 34 years old, living in Egelsbach, Germany. I’ve gained a bachelor’s degree in Online Media at DHBW Mosbach and do now work in Frankfurt am Main.

I love to create and build websites, apps and services which make users happy and invites them to share their experiences with their friends and/or colleagues.

For me, creating a whole web experience does not only mean pushing around pixels in Photoshop (although I love to do that from time to time), but also thinking of a detailed concept first, be careful about the usability and – of course – developing the frontend and thus the user experience.
In the past that meant coding HTML 5, CSS 3, some JQuery (at least I tried), and working with content management systems like TYPO3, Wordpress, Ghost, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) or others.
I love to engage with all kinds of people, that’s why I fool around with social media, so one could say I »twinstabook« a lot. So my skills in this area of expertise are also very reliable.

Despite that’s not my career or working focus, I’m interested in many other areas like technical stuff of every kind one could say, baking, photography, movies, watercolor painting and much more. I am a very curious person who likes do go down the rabbit hole topicwise, since I am always willing to learn new things fully.

For more information about me and what I do in my freetime, please visit my personal blog. I don’t write as much as I used to do, but writing and »putting myself out there« was always a part of me.