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Portrait of Katharina Hermann

Katharina Hermann

Hi there! Right now I’m 31 years old, living in Egelsbach, Germany. I’ve gained a bachelor’s degree in Online Media at DHBW Mosbach and do now work in Frankfurt am Main.

I love to create and build websites which make the user feel happy and invites them to share it with their friends and/or collegues.

For me, creating a whole web experience does not only mean pushing around pixels in Photoshop (although I love to do that!), but also making a concept first, be careful about the usability and – of course – developing the frontend of a site, which means coding HTML 5, CSS 3, some JQuery (at least I try), and working with a content management system like TYPO3, Wordpress, Ghost or others. Those are or were all parts of my every-day work.

Despite that’s not my focus, I’m interested in the scripting or backend area with components like JavaScript, PHP, MySQL etc., because I am always willing to learn new things and improve my web design skills with everything that touches the topic.